The Trump Tweet Watch

Donald Trump continues to go to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the media.  He uses all caps to show his irritation about the FAKE MEDIA!!!

Another week went by and still no real evidence to support his Obama wiretapping claims.  That doesn’t stop the President from trying to deflect away from his craziness by tweeting about Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump loves to campaign.  On March 20, he went to Louisville, KY to attempt to Make America Great Again.  He was dealt a major blow by more federal judges regarding his Travel Ban right before he went on stage.  Also, his rally was scheduled on the same day that FBI Director James Comey confirmed that there isan active investigation into the Trump Continue reading “The Trump Tweet Watch”

From Russia with love


Well today we saw Republicans fall flat on their faces as they tried to get Trumpcare pushed through the house. Turns out that there are some Republicans with back bones out there and won’t take to the bully tactics of Trump and his cronies. While the word is that this will still get done tomorrow, I highly doubt that will happen. As it turns out health care is complicated and everyone knew that besides Trump.  Continue reading “From Russia with love”

Suspension could prevent a crisis


It is time to take drastic measures. Before yesterdays hearing Donald Trump’s approval rating had fallen to his lowest yet. At 37% he has matched Obama’s lowest rating and it took him less then two months of governing to get there. That was before the FBI director, James Comey, confirmed that there is an investigation surrounding the Trump campaign and it’s ties to Russia. Comey also debunked the President’s claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. It doesn’t take much common sense to know that Trump’s approval rating will be lower today than it was on Sunday.He and his team are being investigated for possible treasonous activities. It is time for the Democrats, Republicans, media members and most importantly, the People to demand that Trump and Pence suspend themselves from office at least until these investigations are over. Paul Ryan needs Continue reading “Suspension could prevent a crisis”

Vet Yourselves

If the Trump team really was so “unaware” of so many of their teammates colluding with Russia, how can such an amateur group be trusted with national security issues? They couldn’t even vet their own people with the same level of detail a refugee would receive.

Isn’t it slightly more important to vet the people running our country than it is to vet someone just wanting to move here for a better life? Trump and his minions are in a much better position to terrorize and attack America from within than a newly arrived immigrant.

The Art of the Deal

I’ll admit it I’ve never read the book, The Art of the Deal. I’ve read enough reviews and overviews of the book to understand the gist of the book. Essentially, President Trump argues that when making a deal you should come in with a ridiculous bid that you know nobody will ever take. After the anger, disillusionment, and bewilderment have subsided Trump is ready to move in with his “real” deal. A deal that still favors him but isn’t as crazy as the one before. That doesn’t make the second offer crazy but in comparison it’s not so bad. Sound familiar?

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Trump Tweet Watch

Here is this weeks Trump Tweet Watch numbers and chart.  It looks like the President has returned to his twitter account after taking it easy for a couple of weeks and to our delight he became a bit unhinged this weekend.  Trump showed his frustration with a serious of tweets accusing former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower followed by his dislike of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the host of ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’.

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Trump Tweet Watch

This weeks Trump Tweet numbers and chart.

Trump Tweet Watch

Update:  Last weeks (Feb 11-Feb17) have been updated to represent the most up to date Likes.  All previous tweets that pre-date Feb 11 have not been reviewed for new likes.

Why eat a nasty Thickburger anyway?

Back in highschool I worked at Hardee’s Restaurant – Home of the Thickburger, Eat Like You Mean it!  

I worked evenings after school and often opened the store at 5:00am on Saturday or Sundays. I made $5.15/hr.  My paychecks were never big but I was able to make a little spending money and save for college.  At my one year review I sat down with the General Manager of the store and she went through my evaluation.  I got good remarks throughout.  At the end of the meeting, I was given a pay raise.  $0.05.  Five cents.  I looked across the fast food booth at her with a look of embarrassment.  I asked her why it was so little considering I was a good worker, always on time, and dependable.  I also told her that I expected it to be a higher amount.  Using my best 16 year old negotiating skills, I said that I was hoping for $0.25/hr.  I ended up with leaving the meeting making $5.25/hr; hey, a ten cent raise was better than a five.  

Currently, Andrew Puzder, the CEO of Hardee’s is looking to become the next Secretary of Labor.  He is bad for workers.  He opposes the minimum wage.  Now, I understand why I was offered such a meager wage increase 16 years ago, however, I probably should be thankful for getting any bump at all.  There is a case against Puzder in Pennsylvania that claims that he was charging his employee’s ten cents per hour to wear his restaurant uniform. He is also bad for women.  He allegedly beat his wife and a video has been making its way around congress that shows Puzder’s wife in disguise talking on “The Oprah Winfrey show.”  The title of the episode is, “High-Class Battered Women.”  Sixty percent of low wage workers are women.  Does anyone really think that Puzder is going to be an advocate or supporter of labor?  

Since leaving Hardee’s, I have rarely paid to eat there.  With the nomination of Andrew Puzder I have and will continue to boycott his restaurants.  There are too many other places to spend money on food for me to give such a horrible person any more of my time and money.  

Vote with your wallet.  Ask yourself, are those cinnamon raisin biscuits worth it?  In my opinion, they are not.  Of course, it is not just Puzder.  If you know that a certain business owner isn’t treating their workers fairly, it is irresponsible to support them and their businesses.  This is supposed to be a “free market.”  There is plenty of competition to choose from.  Let’s start choosing wisely, together.