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Trump Tweet Watch

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Why eat a nasty Thickburger anyway?

Back in highschool I worked at Hardee’s Restaurant – Home of the Thickburger, Eat Like You Mean it!  

I worked evenings after school and often opened the store at 5:00am on Saturday or Sundays. I made $5.15/hr.  My paychecks were never big but I was able to make a little spending money and save for college.  At my one year review I sat down with the General Manager of the store and she went through my evaluation.  I got good remarks throughout.  At the end of the meeting, I was given a pay raise.  $0.05.  Five cents.  I looked across the fast food booth at her with a look of embarrassment.  I asked her why it was so little considering I was a good worker, always on time, and dependable.  I also told her that I expected it to be a higher amount.  Using my best 16 year old negotiating skills, I said that I was hoping for $0.25/hr.  I ended up with leaving the meeting making $5.25/hr; hey, a ten cent raise was better than a five.  

Currently, Andrew Puzder, the CEO of Hardee’s is looking to become the next Secretary of Labor.  He is bad for workers.  He opposes the minimum wage.  Now, I understand why I was offered such a meager wage increase 16 years ago, however, I probably should be thankful for getting any bump at all.  There is a case against Puzder in Pennsylvania that claims that he was charging his employee’s ten cents per hour to wear his restaurant uniform. He is also bad for women.  He allegedly beat his wife and a video has been making its way around congress that shows Puzder’s wife in disguise talking on “The Oprah Winfrey show.”  The title of the episode is, “High-Class Battered Women.”  Sixty percent of low wage workers are women.  Does anyone really think that Puzder is going to be an advocate or supporter of labor?  

Since leaving Hardee’s, I have rarely paid to eat there.  With the nomination of Andrew Puzder I have and will continue to boycott his restaurants.  There are too many other places to spend money on food for me to give such a horrible person any more of my time and money.  

Vote with your wallet.  Ask yourself, are those cinnamon raisin biscuits worth it?  In my opinion, they are not.  Of course, it is not just Puzder.  If you know that a certain business owner isn’t treating their workers fairly, it is irresponsible to support them and their businesses.  This is supposed to be a “free market.”  There is plenty of competition to choose from.  Let’s start choosing wisely, together.

Why the immigration ban got it wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, which if you have I don’t blame you, there was another executive order enacted and this time it dealt with immigration from predominately Muslim countries. There have been harsh words from the left calling this a Muslim ban and pointing out that countries such as Saudi Arabia were left off the list which Trump has business dealings in.

On the other hand the right points out that these countries were designated by the Obama administration as increased risk for terrorist activities (probably not the right terminology but you get the drift) and this is protecting the United States against future attacks. Continue reading “Why the immigration ban got it wrong”

Devasting America: Opioids

Over the past decade Opioid abuse and overdoses have sky rocketed. Last year alone there were 55,403 deadly drug overdoses with 20,101 of them coming from heroin. That figure will continue to grow in 2017 and keeping growing until something is done. There have been some measures taken to help. A number of Police and Fire departments are now carrying Narcan which is the antidote and has saved thousands of lives. But to remedy this issue we need to get to the root cause and help those who are addicted today. Continue reading “Devasting America: Opioids”

Say NO to a voter fraud investigation

Please. If you voted for Donald Trump because you wanted him to cut spending and to “drain the swamp,” consider sending his office a fax asking him to not investigate the claim of illegal voting during the election. Since there is no evidence of voter fraud this investigation will cost the American tax payers a lot of money. Faxes are more likely to be read than emails. Letters may be read but are often ignored.  The fax system is the best way to contact our elected officials. 

White House FAX: 202-456-2461  Don’t forget a cover letter!   

Time to end the electoral college

Since the election much has been talked about in regards to the electoral college. Often the debate has hinged on what the purpose of the electoral college is and do we need it any longer. One common theory says it was created to prevent large population states from out voting lower populations. Other ones include it was put in place to prevent a tyrant from being elected or people back in the early 1800’s didn’t have the knowledge of the candidates to vote accordingly or as this Time article claims it was because of slavery. More then likely it was a combination of all of them but the slavery piece by Time is a different and interesting way to look at the issue.

Continue reading “Time to end the electoral college”

I think I get it

For me it is not hard to understand that women and minorities had/have to struggle to obtain opportunity.  For me, everything has been available.  Always and Forever. Except for one thing: I have the greatest job in the world because of the women’s suffrage movement.  I thank them for the sacrifices that they made.  Without those voices, protests and demonstrations, I wouldn’t be a stay-at-home-dad.  Of course, there will be people who read this post and think, “A man shouldn’t be at home with the kids!  That guy needs to go get a job.”  Then that same person will turn around and say, “One thing that’s wrong with this country is that we don’t put family first!  We need to get back to our family values!  I vote republican because we are the party of family values.”

For many, yesterdays Women’s March was another step towards progress.  It is one small step closer to perfecting the system.  I stand for Continue reading “I think I get it”


In January 2013 crews worked to protect the National Mall grass.  They knew that a huge crowd would be arriving to watch President Obama be sworn into office again.  It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to know that hundreds of thousands of people walking on a lawn will destroy it.  The solution: Install Terraplas.

Terraplas are plastic sheets that can sit six inches above the grass.  It allows sun and rain to get through it yet is strong enough for people to stand on.  Crews put down thousands of these terraplas sheets across the National Lawn in hopes of saving the grounds.

Today, the Trump administration blasted the media claiming that photos and video of Donald Trump’s inauguration were fake.  The Trump team claims that a record number of people showed up for his inauguration.   Continue reading “Terraplas”