Why eat a nasty Thickburger anyway?

Back in highschool I worked at Hardee’s Restaurant – Home of the Thickburger, Eat Like You Mean it!  

I worked evenings after school and often opened the store at 5:00am on Saturday or Sundays. I made $5.15/hr.  My paychecks were never big but I was able to make a little spending money and save for college.  At my one year review I sat down with the General Manager of the store and she went through my evaluation.  I got good remarks throughout.  At the end of the meeting, I was given a pay raise.  $0.05.  Five cents.  I looked across the fast food booth at her with a look of embarrassment.  I asked her why it was so little considering I was a good worker, always on time, and dependable.  I also told her that I expected it to be a higher amount.  Using my best 16 year old negotiating skills, I said that I was hoping for $0.25/hr.  I ended up with leaving the meeting making $5.25/hr; hey, a ten cent raise was better than a five.  

Currently, Andrew Puzder, the CEO of Hardee’s is looking to become the next Secretary of Labor.  He is bad for workers.  He opposes the minimum wage.  Now, I understand why I was offered such a meager wage increase 16 years ago, however, I probably should be thankful for getting any bump at all.  There is a case against Puzder in Pennsylvania that claims that he was charging his employee’s ten cents per hour to wear his restaurant uniform. He is also bad for women.  He allegedly beat his wife and a video has been making its way around congress that shows Puzder’s wife in disguise talking on “The Oprah Winfrey show.”  The title of the episode is, “High-Class Battered Women.”  Sixty percent of low wage workers are women.  Does anyone really think that Puzder is going to be an advocate or supporter of labor?  

Since leaving Hardee’s, I have rarely paid to eat there.  With the nomination of Andrew Puzder I have and will continue to boycott his restaurants.  There are too many other places to spend money on food for me to give such a horrible person any more of my time and money.  

Vote with your wallet.  Ask yourself, are those cinnamon raisin biscuits worth it?  In my opinion, they are not.  Of course, it is not just Puzder.  If you know that a certain business owner isn’t treating their workers fairly, it is irresponsible to support them and their businesses.  This is supposed to be a “free market.”  There is plenty of competition to choose from.  Let’s start choosing wisely, together.

4 thoughts on “Why eat a nasty Thickburger anyway?

  1. How do you feel abt the differences between lib/con take on low wage motivation? To use a metaphore – at the bottom of the “job ladder” is a floor. Progressives want to pad the floor with cushions because lower rung jobs dont always “support” –ha, didnt intend to homonym that- the person fully. Libs want a level of assistance to help deal with uncertainties common in low earner job roles. In contrast, conservatives more closely align with the idea that the nature of low wage jobs is undesirable, and should serve as its own motivation to climb the ladder — viewing a padded floor as an invitation to lounge in comfort off the communal good will rather than off ones own earnings and achievements. Group responsibility VS individual responsibility. A Thunderdome of labor philosophies. Either can work, and both points are moot when everyone works in a livable wage scenario, but which works better when less than everyone works? Which works better when some jobs dont support an individuals basic needs?

    1. As far as low wage motivation it seems to me that it can only motivate someone in a very limited way. Reason include: 1) Low wages don’t allow an individual to have financial freedom; which leads to government dependence. As much as someone wants to get out from their low earning status it is very hard to do so. 2) Low wages over time discourage workers from being productive due to the realities of not receiving living wage adjustments. 3) In our current economy the only way to truly get substantial pay increases is to change jobs/companies. Low wage workers don’t have the ability or skills to demand higher wages if they attempt to change positions/companies so they are “stuck” where they are. 4) Conservatives want us to think that there is a great job for everyone but, again, the reality is that our economy depends heavily on cashiers, customer service representatives, and cooks who make peanuts compared to the ownership groups. Not everyone can be a middle manager. 5) If conservatives really cared about lifting people up or motivating them to do better they wouldn’t fight against free community college and lower (or free) state university costs. The nations largest retailers/businesses would provide their employees with more scholarship programs and grants. Or better yet, our government would have a college loan forgiveness program.

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