The Tweeting Trump

This week the President was told to stop deleting his tweets by members of congress. He could be in violation of the Presidential Records Act which ensures the preservation of all presidential and vice presidential records. Trump either needs to stop tweeting or start spell checking, otherwise he could breaking the law!

Click here to see this weeks tweet chart:

Trump Tweet Watch

Update: Last weeks likes (Feb 24-March 3) have been updated to represent the most up to date Likes. All previous tweets that pre-date Feb 24 have not been reviewed for new likes.

Correction: Obama did not release the majority of these prisoners. 113 of these guys were released under the Bush administration. Also, “the combined total 122 that returned to the battlefield under both Bush and Obama, the report says that 30 are dead, 25 are in custody and 67 are not in custody.” – CBSnews (

This is something we all can get behind!

I don’t believe this. Anyone who has to tell you that things are fine probably is covering for a not-so-fine situation.

Yes. No one has more respect for women then President Trump.

Remember when he deleted this respectful tweet about Hillary Clinton? Luckily Lenny Jacobson (@Lennyjacobson) got a screenshot of it first.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Of all the places to source our jobs data, President Trump choose the extreme right-winged Drudge Report!

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