The Trump Tweet Watch

Donald Trump continues to go to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the media.  He uses all caps to show his irritation about the FAKE MEDIA!!!

Another week went by and still no real evidence to support his Obama wiretapping claims.  That doesn’t stop the President from trying to deflect away from his craziness by tweeting about Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump loves to campaign.  On March 20, he went to Louisville, KY to attempt to Make America Great Again.  He was dealt a major blow by more federal judges regarding his Travel Ban right before he went on stage.  Also, his rally was scheduled on the same day that FBI Director James Comey confirmed that there isan active investigation into the Trump Campaign and its ties to Russia.  It wasn’t a great day for 45.

Lastly, there were several tweets this week about Trumpcare and how Congressional members better get on board.  It really is a shame that the master negotiator couldn’t get a deal together.  Over seven years of Republicans demanding repelling the ACA and it came down to the gutless GOP not even voting.

Click the link below to take a look at the most up to date stats regarding DJT personal twitter feed.

Trump Tweet Watch

Update: Trumps Tweet Likes (March 3-17) have been updated to represent the most up to date Likes. All previous tweets that pre-date March 3, 2017 have not been reviewed for new likes.

Does Donald Trump really think that tweeting about North Korea and China will help ease tensions? Who is he doing this for?

Despite what the President says, Angela Merkel’s body language conveyed that is was a terrible meeting. For the love of God, he wouldn’t even shake her hand at the end of the meeting!

DJT is still talking about Hillary Clinton. Dude, it’s been almost five months since you beat her. Chances are, if Clinton was involved with Russia we’ll find out during the FBI’s investigation of you.

Big day for healthcare. Working hard? Or hardly working?

This is the most Presidential tweet ever:

It really is a disappointing that he didn’t write it. We all know he uses an Android.

And Finally something most of us can get behind — More American jobs!

 I only hope these jobs aren’t in the form of data collection of American consumers who use Charter services. The Senate passed a bill (S.J.Res. 34) that will allow Internet Service Providers the ability to sell any and all of your data. Consider for a moment if you’ve been looking to buy a firearm and have been doing research online. A company, political action committee, or other entity could ask an ISP to provide a comprehensive list of consumers who have visted,, Since you’ve visted these sites your name, address, phone number, email, age, gender and/or many other information could be sold for profit.

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