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Would Calexit be a good thing?

A few weeks ago I posted to Facebook, the above article from my favorite blog author, Tim Urban at WaitButWhy. The Wait But Why post lays out some intriguing ideas about California seceding from the rest of the United States. It is worth a read as is the entire blog.

To me Calexit was an interesting idea but nothing more.  I thought of it like many of the recent past calls of other states to secede. For example, As recently as 2012, Texan’s were genuinely chanting, “secede, secede.” The then Texas Governor, Rick Perry said, “If Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.” (FYI: Rick Perry is the current Secretary of Energy)

Well, apparently, this movement actually has some legs. It is now being reported that Russia is (at least partially) behind this attempt to split apart California. The same guy, Negel Farage, lead the Brexit vote last year and is leading this effort. He also has ties to WikiLeaks’, Julian Assange. Russia is very supportive of breaking about any and all western institutions as these disruptions move western ideals down a peg or two. It is why they supported Brexit, Donald Trump, and are backing ultra conservative Marie Le Pen in France. They want France to leave the EU.  We have a common enemy in Russia–This should unite us.

Why is it not?  When did Russia become the place that disenfranchised American’s look to for leadership?  I don’t know but something is not right here.  

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Donald Trump and Nigel Farage get chummy together during a 2016 Trump Campaign Rally


Buzzfeed News caught Nigel Farage leaving the Ecuador Embassy in London in early March 2017; where Julian Assange lives.  When asked what he was doing in the  embassy, Farage answered that he couldn’t remember.

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