2020: I can see Ivanka. A Prediction


Now doesn’t that look like a Presidential couple!?



Bold Prediction:  

Donald Trump will not run for President in 2020.  He will be 74 years old.  If he were to run and win would he be able to live out his entire second term?  The average life expectancy for American males is only 78 years old.  Trump is smart and greedy enough to know when to call it quits.  He will leave office and enjoy the rest of his life while being guarded by the secret service. Former President’s get a weekly security briefing too.  He’ll have it made!  Also, rather than push his luck running for a second term he’ll call it quits and hope that people will start liking him again.  His current approval rating is a sordid 35% – he can’t win another election anyway.  Yes, I think DJT will give up his power…..sort of.

My real bold prediction is that Trump is grooming his daughter to run in 2020.  Ivanka just turned 35 years old nine days before the 2016 election.  She would not have been eligible to run this past year.  2020 will be her year on the ticket.  Republicans and Democrats are both fighting over who will get to have the first female president.  Ivanka has a large following and is well liked even by some progressives; despite her father’s blockheadary*.  For some reason there are many liberals who think she is different from her dad.  She will be the perfect candidate.  She’ll run as an outsider and people will believe her.  She’ll also continue to have her father’s populist following.  She’s beautiful to look at and she doesn’t sound like an imbecile.  Ivanka will be the Republican’s first female presidential nominee.

Earlier this week Ivanka officially became a member of the White House team.  She will be unpaid, however, she has an office in the West Wing.  The official title she holds is Assistant to the President.  Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner is a senior advisor and too has an office in the West Wing.  These are not typical positions for family members to hold.  In fact, the Trump administration found a loophole in the law to allow Ivanka to work for him.

There have been obvious growing pains during the first 70 days of the Trump term.  This is a learning experience for everyone involved in the government right now.  Ivanka and Jared are soaking up knowledge and skills that will prove useful in four years.

{*Ivanka has done nothing to help talk this administration out of gutting women’s healthcare, stopping anti-Semitic rhetoric, or planned efforts to destroy the environment.  She’s done nothing to dissuade any extreme right-wing idea.  This is not a normal administration.  Ivanka is not normal either – Her and her husband have immense wealth of their own, they have a high level of fame and they own their own extremely succesful businesses.  They had a lot to lose standing next to DJT if he lost the election.  A LOT.  Yet, Jared and Ivanka have/had never distanced themselves from Donald. Why?  I think they might be looking to make a run at power for themselves or they have been brainwashed}

Update:  This is prediction is dependent on Donald Trump remaining in office until 2020. At this point, impeachment seems likely to happen before the end of 2017.



This is one of many really weird pictures of Donald and Ivanka. Donald once made a comment on The View in 2006 where he boasted, “I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I would be dating her.”  Again, in 2015 Donald told Rolling Stone Magazine, “If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father….”  In 1997, during a Miss Teen USA pageant he said, “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”  He’s also called her voluptuous on several occasions.



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