Where the Dems at?

Can anyone say they weren’t expecting some kind of wild ride from the first two months of a Trump administration? Did anyone think it would be this wild though? For sure everyone presumed that Russia would continue to hang around and that hasn’t changed. But the failure to get Obamacare repealed and the outlandish allegations have continued to gnaw away at the credibility of the administration. We now have a standing president with historic low approval ratings. But he’s making america great again, right?

With the Republican party in the middle of imploding and Trump placing programs Americans love on the chopping block, I’m talking about you PBS, the picking is prime for the Democrats but what are they doing? Besides them trying to stop some nominations and general hatred for Trump there haven’t been a lot of solutions from them.

Speaking with Braund the other day when the repeal of Obamacare blew up I wanted more then anything for the Democrats to drop their own plan on how to fix this. Whatever you think of Obamacare it needs work and it needs it now. But NO, the democrats simply gloated that the Republicans weren’t able to pull it off. What an amazing opportunity to be able to mic drop the Republicans who had 7 years to put something together and couldn’t do it. To show up the next day with your own solution that would benefit everybody not just the rich. But nope….

Lack of foresight 

What the Democrats have failed to do over the last number of years is groom the next up and coming leaders. Can you think of any potential candidates for the next presidential race that gets you truly excited? Bernie will be too old and Elizabeth Warren, she seems to much like Hilary. Who doesn’t love Uncle Joe but that’s saying he runs. If you look at Wisconsin it’s even worse. Governor Walker is beatable. Two years ago what did the Dems come up with, Mary Burke. While maybe able to do the job completely lack luster. At this point in time  when Walker ran for the first time he had already been heavily campaigning against Doyle. The Dems in Wisconsin have no idea who to even run against him. All the potential candidates don’t seem all that interested. At this point I’m thinking of throwing my hat into the ring. What’s the worse that could happen? Braund would be my lieutenant and everything would be great. Braund & Nelson 2018!

What’s next?

The Dems need to get their act together and soon. The first thing they need to do is start grooming candidates at the local level and working on getting them attention. They also need to do some PR and really tell people what they stand for. We need to makes unions not appear evil to start with! They also need to start putting out ideas and not just complaining about things. America wants action and it’s time somebody actually does it.

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  1. I mean one facebook group saying they support him doesn’t mean he’s going to run. If that’s the case we are just as serious as he is.

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