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Correction from last week: I was misinformed when I incorrectly said that President Trump isn’t using an iPhone. He gave up his Android and is actually using an Apple.

Last week Donald Trump was handed another huge loss when TrumpCare failed to even reach a vote.  However, we don’t need to worry because DJT tweeted out the next morning letting us know that when the current system EXPLODES they will fix it!  He also mentioned that we should watch Judge Jeanine on FoxNews at 9:00pm.  Why would we want to watch that crazy person?  Well, she opened her show calling for Rep Paul Ryan to be removed as Speaker of the House because he FAILED on healthcare!  Well played Donald. Well played.

All in all it was another terrible week for the Trump team.  More Russia news kept trickling out. Disgraced “National Security Advisor” Mike Flynn wants immunity for his story. The Senate Intelligence Committee said, “No thank you. We know everything you want to tell us.  You’re a terrible American and we are going to LOCK YOU UP. HAHAHAHAHA.” We are getting extremely close to finding out if his team colluded with the Russians.  The Senate Intelligence Committee interviewed Clinton Watts.  Watts is a cyber security specialist and dropped some major bombshell information about the election, Russia, and Trump.  He urged the committee to, “Follow the trail of dead Russians… There’s been more dead Russians in the past three months that are tied to this investigation who have assets in banks all over the world. They are dropping dead, even in western countries…”(I hope to write a post about his testimony but if I don’t get a chance, you need to google his testimony)

Trump Tweet Watch

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Update: Trumps Tweet Likes (March 18-24) have been updated to represent the most up to date Tweet Likes. All previous Tweets that pre-date March 18, 2017 have not been reviewed for new likes.


I can nail the President to the wall for his craziness but I’m not going to pass the chance to add some Medal of Honors heroes to this page.

Don’t worry! Your healthcare system is going to fail. Then the government will help!


Immigration numbers are down over the past several months. So, if enforcing the laws is working why do we need a wall?

Donald Trump cannot go a week without tweeting something negative about Hillary Clinton. I will type it again: Donald. You Won.


Trump is starting to scare his fellow Republicans. He not only threatens their career’s but he says he’s willing to work with Democrats.




Ford had plans for these Michigan plants for years. That doesn’t stop the President from trying to take credit for creating jobs.

See how genuine #45 is when he speaks to a group of women? Go to 2:55 in the video and you’ll see what I mean – so smooth with the ladies!


Thank You Veterans!

Only guilty people ask for immunity!




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