Will this be the end of my Trump Tweet Watch

On Friday evenings, this blog publishes its weekly Trump Tweet Watch.  I look at his tweets, comment on my favorites, and tally how many Twitter Likes each of the President’s tweets garners and make a simple chart.

After last nights bombing of a Syrian airfield will Donald Trump snap into a more presidential role?  There were no doubt at least some people on that airfield.  What will be the first Trump tweet after ordering the death of another human?  Military personal, janitor, or civilian.  This bombing is different compared to the American drone strikes that have killed hundreds.  Drone strikes are unmanned and the President doesn’t need to sign off on them.   This attack was directly ordered by a TV personality.  I wonder how Donald Trump will cope with his decision to kill.  He talks tough but everyone knows a bully always folds when dealt a difficult hand.

If I had to make a prediction, DJT will continue to tweet.   His first since the airstrikes will either be about Obama’s past failures or Clinton’s ties to Russia.

Check back tonight for The Trump Tweet Watch and don’t forget to comment and share!

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