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I posed a question (maybe it was a theory) earlier if Donald Trump would quit his Twitter account after ordering his first attack last night.  Although it wasn’t his own original thought he responded a few hours ago by retweeting something Ivanka posted.  Yea – TTW will likely continue!

Trump used Twitter this week to spout more insults, election victory gloating, to spread more FAKE NEWS, and of course deflection away from his Russia ties this week.  He didn’t disappoint.  Donald J. Trump, like clockwork, complained about Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t go to Twitter about his friend from Fox but without a hitch, he defended Bill O’Reilly after the FoxNews host was accused, again, of sexual harassment.  Trump said, “I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.” Also, “I think he’s a person I know well.”  Let us all keep in mind that Donald Trump declared April Sexual Assault Awareness Month – just last week!  It could be funny if it weren’t true.

Trump Tweet Watch 

Click the above link to see this weeks Trump Tweet Watch Chart.  You’ll see that the past two days have had a significant decrease in tweets per day.

Update: Trumps Tweet Likes (March 24-March 31) have been updated to represent the most up to date Tweet Likes. All previous Tweets that pre-date March 24, 2017 have not been reviewed for new likes.


The media isn’t going to give up on the Russia/Trump connection until all of the possible information is out. When our president throws insults it looks petty. It isn’t a good look for a leader.

Susan Rice is the Obama era person that Republicans love to hate. They are forming a Witch Hunt to find more information out about what she knew and when. Was she the leaker of Trump’s team names connected to Russia? Maybe. Maybe not. Does it really matter. If our National Security teams think someone could be working with a foreign adversary, why shouldn’t our top advisors ask for as much information as possible?


Some GOP members are trying to bring a new healthcare act to the table. Some GOP members want to repel the Affordable Care Act altogether. Neither is getting what they want.

If the President’s tweet is accurate, why not speak openly about all connections about Russia? Why have so many team members had so many contacts with Russia? The President needs to release his tax returns to show he doesn’t owe Russian oligarchs money. Until he and his team start cooperating with these investigations the majority of the country isn’t going to believe tweets like this:

Light it Up Blue was a world-wide event that brought awareness to people living with autism. Major landmarks throughout the world were turned blue on April 2.

Well. Did she? I don’t think she did. Of course, I can’t remember Donald Trump apologizing for anything. It is hard to imagine either of these two personalities saying sorry. But seriously, WHO CARES?…..Don. Donald. DONALD! You Won.

And this is FAKE NEWS. More from the “failing” Donald Trump.

It wouldn’t be a great Trump Tweet Week if DJT didn’t retweet some crazy right-wing media source. Again, he went to the Drudge Report.

Taking more credit for jobs that were already planned before he was elected:

Last night Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria. Here are a few of his older tweets to go with the occasion. Take a look at the date and how many Likes each of his tweets get.




Donald Trump did not get congressional approval before he ordered yesterdays attack.


Shoot first. Talk later?


More insults. He was a jerk four years ago too.

Wow! 60 total people liked this tweet.

Hillary Clinton actually called on the US to strike the Syrian airfields a couple of hours before the order was taken. Was Trump listening to Clinton yesterday about what to do in Syria?


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