Trump Tweet Watch


A lot has happened since the last Trump Tweet Watch. I’ve been busy the last few weeks so I missed out on writing up the weekly Trump Tweet Watch. Here is the updated chart. You’ll notice that his twitter activity has increased since April 21. I think this is because he realized that his 100th day in office was fast approaching and he hadn’t succeeded with anything. Anyway, here it is:

Trump Tweet Watch

Update: Trump Tweet Watch chart (April 1-April 8) has been updated to represent the most up to date Tweet Likes. All previous Tweets that pre-date April 1, 2017 have not been reviewed for new likes.

Donald Trump this week said that he thought being president would be easier than his old life, threatened a massive, massive attack on North Korea and blamed Obama’s team for not vetting his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. He really is very incompetent.
There are too many tweets to go through so here a few to look at until next time:

Remember when Donald Trump set arbitary deadlines on repealing Obamacare (Day 1)? Defeating ISIS (Within 30 days)? Illegal Immigration (Day 1)? Election Hacking (Within 90 days)? I’m sure there are more but who really cares at this point? He has failed. He knows he’s failed. The only peopele who think he hasn’t failed are his supporters.

Happy Easter from all of us Haters and Losers!

Sounds like this is going to be a Big TAX REDUCTION for Donald J Trump. His supporters don’t care though.

This administration is doing everything it can to roll back any and all environmental protections. Earth day would have been a good day for Trump to not tweet considering how much damage he is planning on doing to the Earth.

Trump supports the French ultra right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen. She is also supported by Vladimir Putin. She plans on taking France out of the European Union. This is a similar move to Brexit but worse. This will likely lead to unrest in Europe. Do Trump supporters know that this will likely lead to a destabilized Europe? Do they care?

No Mexico won’t.

This president hasn’t accomplished anything he said he was going to. With all branches of government under Republican control it is insane that they haven’t been able to do anything.



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