The New Normal

Imagine going back to the days when you would lose your job because you were trying to re-cooperate or care for a sick loved one.
The Family Medical Leave Act was signed by Pres. Bill Clinton. Democrats passed the act in 1993. The House, Senate and White House were controlled by Democrats. The House vote was 265-163 (134 republicans voted against).  The Senate Vote was 71-27 (27 republicans voted against)
Not surprising, Republicans voted against the FMLA. Who do they support? It wasn’t us then. It isn’t us now. This Act could have just as easily become divisive like the ACA is today. FMLA costs employers tens of billions of dollars per year and two-thirds of employers struggle with intermittent employee leave. However, thankfully, “As we reflect on changes in the U.S. workplace since the passage of FMLA in 1993, it is clear it has evolved significantly. Consistent and fair treatment of employees who need unplanned or extended leave has become an expectation of the U.S. workforce – part of the new normal.” — Total Absence Management Two Decades After the Passage of FMLA
It is too bad that preexisting conditions aren’t part of our “new normal” yet.

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