High Risk States Raise Everyone’s Premiums

Maybe it is time to get rid of FEMA.  I mean, why should Wisconsinites help pay for disasters around the country especially in HIGH RISK areas?  Isn’t it those state’s fault that they are prone to bad conditions or bad administrative decisions?  One could say that the Tornadoes in Oklahoma are a preexisting condition:  Floods in North Dakota.  Hurricanes in South Carolina.  Fires, mudslides, tsunami waves, and earthquakes in California.  All of these are preexisting conditions that citizens who live there are well aware of, yet, they choose to live there.  Why is it in Wisconsinites’ best interest to pay for the lack of proper forest management in Colorado?  Why didn’t Colorado’s government spend more money to prevent wildfires in first place through better forest management?  Seems like they’ve made some foolish decisions in their past.

I guess, maybe it is for the greater good.  I suppose it is for those rare times when Wisconsin’s acute problems flare up and we need a good specialist to help make things right.

FEMA has some problems and glitches and like any other system it isn’t perfect.  Of course, this single payer system is working pretty well, especially for those folks, ahem, states that have chronic issues.

Source: World Economic Forum



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