3 albums you should be listening to

This might be the first non political post we’ve made on this blog. No worries, it’s well worth the read!

Ed Sheeran – Divide 

This one might not be earth shattering and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month you’ve heard a number of songs off this album and probably liked at least one of them. In my humble opinion the album is solid from top to bottom. You’ve got your up beat songs like Barcelona, which by the way is my favorite song on this album, and Galway girl. There are songs with strong Irish influences to them, Galway girl & Nancy Mulligan. Then there is probably the oddest song on the album New Man. You’ve got Sheeran kind of rapping about a guy bleaching his asshole. But it works and the song is catchy. I don’t think it will be a #1 hit but they all can’t be.

Of course you have shape of you and castle on the hill which have been huge hits already. If you get the chance watch the video for castle on the hill. It definitely reminds me of being younger and doing some dumb things…which a lot times involved Braund.

The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome
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Where the Dems at?

Can anyone say they weren’t expecting some kind of wild ride from the first two months of a Trump administration? Did anyone think it would be this wild though? For sure everyone presumed that Russia would continue to hang around and that hasn’t changed. But the failure to get Obamacare repealed and the outlandish allegations have continued to gnaw away at the credibility of the administration. We now have a standing president with historic low approval ratings. But he’s making america great again, right? Continue reading “Where the Dems at?”

From Russia with love


Well today we saw Republicans fall flat on their faces as they tried to get Trumpcare pushed through the house. Turns out that there are some Republicans with back bones out there and won’t take to the bully tactics of Trump and his cronies. While the word is that this will still get done tomorrow, I highly doubt that will happen. As it turns out health care is complicated and everyone knew that besides Trump.  Continue reading “From Russia with love”

The Art of the Deal

I’ll admit it I’ve never read the book, The Art of the Deal. I’ve read enough reviews and overviews of the book to understand the gist of the book. Essentially, President Trump argues that when making a deal you should come in with a ridiculous bid that you know nobody will ever take. After the anger, disillusionment, and bewilderment have subsided Trump is ready to move in with his “real” deal. A deal that still favors him but isn’t as crazy as the one before. That doesn’t make the second offer crazy but in comparison it’s not so bad. Sound familiar?

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Why the immigration ban got it wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, which if you have I don’t blame you, there was another executive order enacted and this time it dealt with immigration from predominately Muslim countries. There have been harsh words from the left calling this a Muslim ban and pointing out that countries such as Saudi Arabia were left off the list which Trump has business dealings in.

On the other hand the right points out that these countries were designated by the Obama administration as increased risk for terrorist activities (probably not the right terminology but you get the drift) and this is protecting the United States against future attacks. Continue reading “Why the immigration ban got it wrong”

Devasting America: Opioids

Over the past decade Opioid abuse and overdoses have sky rocketed. Last year alone there were 55,403 deadly drug overdoses with 20,101 of them coming from heroin. That figure will continue to grow in 2017 and keeping growing until something is done. There have been some measures taken to help. A number of Police and Fire departments are now carrying Narcan which is the antidote and has saved thousands of lives. But to remedy this issue we need to get to the root cause and help those who are addicted today. Continue reading “Devasting America: Opioids”

Time to end the electoral college

Since the election much has been talked about in regards to the electoral college. Often the debate has hinged on what the purpose of the electoral college is and do we need it any longer. One common theory says it was created to prevent large population states from out voting lower populations. Other ones include it was put in place to prevent a tyrant from being elected or people back in the early 1800’s didn’t have the knowledge of the candidates to vote accordingly or as this Time article claims it was because of slavery. More then likely it was a combination of all of them but the slavery piece by Time is a different and interesting way to look at the issue.

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Start of something very different

First and foremost thank you for stopping by to read our blog. As you’ll see we both identify more with the Democratic Party but our opinions tend to go all over the place. We hope you enjoy and if you don’t well don’t read it.

Today we say good bye to a President leaving on the highest approval ratings of his career and welcoming a president who’ll have the lowest approval ratings to start a term in the last four decades.

I was disappointed, sad, angry, and all those stages of denial when I found out Trump had won. Like many of us I woke up that morning hoping it was all a bad dream, hope as I might it didn’t turn out to be true. Now we are here wondering what the hell is going to happen next. I believe that feeling is true for both republicans and democrats or heck even Trump is probably wondering that. Continue reading “Start of something very different”