Tax breaks lead to job growth?

On November 14, 2017 CEOs were asked if they plan to increase their company’s capital investments if the GOP’s tax bill passes.

A few hands go up.

“Why aren’t the other hands up?” Gary Cohn asks.

The Trump Tweet Watch

Donald Trump continues to go to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the media.  He uses all caps to show his irritation about the FAKE MEDIA!!!

Another week went by and still no real evidence to support his Obama wiretapping claims.  That doesn’t stop the President from trying to deflect away from his craziness by tweeting about Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump loves to campaign.  On March 20, he went to Louisville, KY to attempt to Make America Great Again.  He was dealt a major blow by more federal judges regarding his Travel Ban right before he went on stage.  Also, his rally was scheduled on the same day that FBI Director James Comey confirmed that there isan active investigation into the Trump Continue reading “The Trump Tweet Watch”

Trump Tweet Watch

This weeks Trump Tweet numbers and chart.

Trump Tweet Watch

Update:  Last weeks (Feb 11-Feb17) have been updated to represent the most up to date Likes.  All previous tweets that pre-date Feb 11 have not been reviewed for new likes.

Say NO to a voter fraud investigation

Please. If you voted for Donald Trump because you wanted him to cut spending and to “drain the swamp,” consider sending his office a fax asking him to not investigate the claim of illegal voting during the election. Since there is no evidence of voter fraud this investigation will cost the American tax payers a lot of money. Faxes are more likely to be read than emails. Letters may be read but are often ignored.  The fax system is the best way to contact our elected officials. 

White House FAX: 202-456-2461  Don’t forget a cover letter!