This is not a conservative party


Republicans used the “nuclear option” and dismantled the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to confirm a Supreme Court nomination.  These seats are lifetime appointments so they are very important to get right.  Last year, after Justice Andrew Scalia died, President Obama should have been allowed to nominate and confirm the next justice.  It was his privilege as the President to do so.  His nominee, Marrick Garland, didn’t even get a hearing.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) said, “The schedule in the Senate is set by the majority leader. Continue reading “This is not a conservative party”

3 albums you should be listening to

This might be the first non political post we’ve made on this blog. No worries, it’s well worth the read!

Ed Sheeran – Divide 

This one might not be earth shattering and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month you’ve heard a number of songs off this album and probably liked at least one of them. In my humble opinion the album is solid from top to bottom. You’ve got your up beat songs like Barcelona, which by the way is my favorite song on this album, and Galway girl. There are songs with strong Irish influences to them, Galway girl & Nancy Mulligan. Then there is probably the oddest song on the album New Man. You’ve got Sheeran kind of rapping about a guy bleaching his asshole. But it works and the song is catchy. I don’t think it will be a #1 hit but they all can’t be.

Of course you have shape of you and castle on the hill which have been huge hits already. If you get the chance watch the video for castle on the hill. It definitely reminds me of being younger and doing some dumb things…which a lot times involved Braund.

The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome
Continue reading “3 albums you should be listening to”

The Trump Tweet Watch


Correction from last week: I was misinformed when I incorrectly said that President Trump isn’t using an iPhone. He gave up his Android and is actually using an Apple.

Last week Donald Trump was handed another huge loss when TrumpCare failed to even reach a vote.  However, we don’t need to worry because DJT tweeted out the next morning letting us know that when the current system EXPLODES they will fix it!  He also mentioned that we should watch Judge Jeanine on FoxNews at 9:00pm.  Why would we want to watch that crazy person?  Well, she opened her show calling for Rep Paul Ryan to be removed as Speaker of the Continue reading “The Trump Tweet Watch”

Where the Dems at?

Can anyone say they weren’t expecting some kind of wild ride from the first two months of a Trump administration? Did anyone think it would be this wild though? For sure everyone presumed that Russia would continue to hang around and that hasn’t changed. But the failure to get Obamacare repealed and the outlandish allegations have continued to gnaw away at the credibility of the administration. We now have a standing president with historic low approval ratings. But he’s making america great again, right? Continue reading “Where the Dems at?”

#Calexit #DivideAndConquer


Would Calexit be a good thing?

A few weeks ago I posted to Facebook, the above article from my favorite blog author, Tim Urban at WaitButWhy. The Wait But Why post lays out some intriguing ideas about California seceding from the rest of the United States. It is worth a read as is the entire blog.

To me Calexit was an interesting idea but nothing more.  I thought of it like many of the recent past calls of other states to secede. For example, As recently as 2012, Texan’s were genuinely chanting, “secede, secede.” The then Texas Governor, Rick Perry said, “If Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.” (FYI: Rick Perry is the current Secretary of Energy)

Well, apparently, this movement actually has some legs. It is now being reported that Russia is (at least partially) behind this attempt to split apart California. Continue reading “#Calexit #DivideAndConquer”

The Trump Tweet Watch

Donald Trump continues to go to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the media.  He uses all caps to show his irritation about the FAKE MEDIA!!!

Another week went by and still no real evidence to support his Obama wiretapping claims.  That doesn’t stop the President from trying to deflect away from his craziness by tweeting about Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump loves to campaign.  On March 20, he went to Louisville, KY to attempt to Make America Great Again.  He was dealt a major blow by more federal judges regarding his Travel Ban right before he went on stage.  Also, his rally was scheduled on the same day that FBI Director James Comey confirmed that there isan active investigation into the Trump Continue reading “The Trump Tweet Watch”

From Russia with love


Well today we saw Republicans fall flat on their faces as they tried to get Trumpcare pushed through the house. Turns out that there are some Republicans with back bones out there and won’t take to the bully tactics of Trump and his cronies. While the word is that this will still get done tomorrow, I highly doubt that will happen. As it turns out health care is complicated and everyone knew that besides Trump.  Continue reading “From Russia with love”